<< FLAC Kate Rusby - 2023 - Light Years (24-96)
Kate Rusby - 2023 - Light Years (24-96)
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Folk, Christmas

The first of several folky festive offerings comes from serial Christmas enthusiast, Kate Rusby. She has some form too. You can be sure of never being too far from Christmas with Kate. When an early year snowfall sees her dashing outside for a photo opportunity (see the album cover) you know she’s always got an eye on the season of goodwill.

Light Years is something of a landmark; it’s her 7th Christmas album (probably unimaginable when she rang out with Sweet Bells back in 2008 as something of a seasonal diversion) and released a few days before she (unbelievably) hits fifty.

It’s a collection that also blends all the Rusby Christmas tropes with lashings of delicious trimmings. With six albums in the can, expect the expected, with glitter, Christmas lights and baubles of course, as standard. Traditional sits side by side with the comedic and the contemporary. An invite to go Rocking Around The Christmas Tree and the acceptance that It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year have us all set, bedecked with woolly jumpers and sat around roaring log fires.

All that’s to follow, as we first have the uplifting and unfeasibly jolly Spean. She has a knack of kicking off these Christmas album with a real belter. One that surely has to be promoted to the opening gig song – or should it be the encore!? All slumbering babes and bells ringing out as the brass lifts the jaunty tempo to set a familiar and friendly tone. Along with Glorious, the Christmas spirit is in full flow and the admission price has been repaid in spades within two songs.

Sonically, the opening pair combine the warmth and comfort of the brass section and the more contemporary Rusby ambience that sees the Moog and electric guitar create a celestial atmosphere. The Damien O’Kane / Duncan Lyall combo taking Kate off into the depths of space. Perhaps no surprise then that Chris De Burgh’s A Spaceman Came Travelling features; one from the ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ box that fits the Rusby MO perfectly.

While Shepherds Watched (oh how we long for a gig/album full of the variants on this one) gets another outing in the form of Rusby Shepherds and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Arrest These Merry Gentlemen and Nothin’ For Christmas lighten the tone. They sit amidst more serious guest appearances from Nowell, Joseph and banjo wizz Ron Block along with his day job boss, Alison Krauss plus Kate’s favorite thing in the night sky, the Moon, on The Moon Shines Bright. Imagine this gang turning up as a carol-singing company on your doorstep. Especially with the brooding arrangement they conjure up.

Light Years is the early delivery selection box of treats and perfect seasonal soundtrack fare. Music for putting up your decs. Now – that’s what I call Christmas; and I’d wager that four of the first five songs would be serious contenders for Kate Rusby’s ‘best of’ Christmas album – should she fancy taking a year off. Somehow, I doubt it!

01. Spean
02. Glorious
03. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
04. Rusby Shepherds
05. The Moon Shines Bright
06. Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeSleigh Ride
07. Nowell, Nowell
08. Arrest These Merry Gentlemen
09. A Spaceman Came Travelling
10. Nothin' For Christmas
11. Joseph

Staat er compleet op, 10% pars mee gepost. Met zeer veel dank aan de originele poster. Laat af en toe eens weten wat je van het album vindt. Altijd leuk, de mening van anderen. Oh ja, MP3 doe ik niet aan.


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