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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
ePubFreida McFadden books ENG7AchJee23 hours, 45 minutes9.34 MBNZB
PDFEnkele Engesltalige tijdschriften12MagazineAchJee23 hours, 50 minutes450.48 MBNZB
PDFBBC Easy Cook UK magazines (oude nummers) ENG3CookingAchJee23 hours, 54 minutes5.86 GBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige bladen vervolg12MagazineAchJee1 day, 23 hours636.55 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige bladen12AchJee1 day, 23 hours830 MBNZB
PDFOudere Engelstalige fly fishing bladen2MagazineAchJee2 days, 20 hours716.92 MBNZB
PDFFly Fishing & Fly Tying - April 20243MagazineAchJee2 days, 20 hours85.44 MBNZB
PDFScale Aviation Military Modeller International - Issue 6258MagazineAchJee2 days, 21 hours89.16 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige kooktijdschriften (ook ouder)8CookingAchJee2 days, 21 hours2.24 GBNZB
PDFEnkele Engelstalige tijdschriften15MagazineAchJee2 days, 22 hours1.32 GBNZB
ePubMaas, Sarah J books6FantasyAchJee3 days, 18 hours79.8 MBNZB
ePubHerspot - How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman4CookingAchJee3 days, 20 hours67.03 MBNZB
PDFModel Engineers Workshop 339 05 20244MagazineAchJee3 days, 21 hours49.04 MBNZB
PDFMy Bombay Kitchen Traditional and Modern Parsi Home Cooking- King, Niloufer Ichaporia7CookingAchJee3 days, 21 hours4.55 MBNZB
PDF2e stapeltje Engelstalige tijdschriften29MagazineAchJee3 days, 21 hours3.21 GBNZB
PDF4 Engelstalige tijdschriften7MagazineAchJee3 days, 21 hours453.19 MBNZB
PDFStapeltje Engelstalige tijdschriften18MagazineAchJee3 days, 22 hours5.87 GBNZB
PDFAirforces Monthly mei 20246MagazineViaappia4 days, 11 hours115.05 MBNZB
ePubAnna Hezel, The Editors Of Taste - Lasagna- A Baked Pasta Cookbook (epub)11CookingAchJee5 days, 16 hours290.47 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige tijdschriften vervolg21MagazineAchJee5 days, 17 hours1.27 GBNZB
ePubMark Bittman - How to Bake Everything- Simple Recipes for the Best Baking7CookingAchJee1 week, 2 days23.71 MBNZB
ePubHow to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman8CookingAchJee1 week, 2 days109.42 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige tijdschriften18MagazineAchJee1 week, 2 days1.6 GBNZB
PDFMilitairy Modeller ea ENG9MagazineAchJee1 week, 3 days513.34 MBNZB
ePubMaurizio Leo - The Perfect Loaf: the Craft and Science of Sourdough Breads, Sweets, and More7CookingAchJee1 week, 3 days267.5 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige tijdschriften en kranten21MagazineAchJee1 week, 3 days1.21 GBNZB
ePubK. A. Linde Books ENG2RomanceAchJee1 week, 4 days15.79 MBNZB
ePubJulie Kagawa books ENG6FantasyAchJee1 week, 4 days44.98 MBNZB
ePubJudith Krantz books ENG6RomanAchJee1 week, 5 days71.84 MBNZB
ePubStuart M Kaminsky books (ENG)3DetectiveAchJee1 week, 6 days73.81 MBNZB
ePubKathryn Kaleigh books (ENG) Romantiek4RomanceAchJee1 week, 6 days46.62 MBNZB
ePubIvan Kal books (ENG) - fantasy10FantasyAchJee2 weeks, 1 day15.61 MBNZB
PDFHi-Fi-Yearbook 2022 & 202312MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 2 days79.24 MBNZB
PDFHi-Fi News Yearbook 2023 [2023] (TruePDF) !RETENTIE!11MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 2 days235.82 MBNZB
ePub1New eBooks Pack 030 of 202411AchJee2 weeks, 2 days410.07 MBNZB
PDFEnkele Engelsttalige tijdschriften24MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 3 days775.34 MBNZB
ePubMarsons, Angela -Kim Stone series Engelstalig5DetectiveAchJee2 weeks, 4 days26.09 MBNZB
PDFGinger Hultin - How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook- 75 Healthy Recipes to Protect Your Well-Being6CookingAchJee2 weeks, 4 days27.4 MBNZB
ePub1New eBooks Pack 029 of 202419AchJee2 weeks, 4 days482.05 MBNZB
PDFEnkele Engelstalige tijdschriften24MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 4 days1.57 GBNZB
PDFCombat Aircraft mei 20247MagazineViaappia2 weeks, 5 days183.37 MBNZB
ePubDaniel Silva Gabriel Allon 23 2023 - The Collector13Crimewoef012 weeks, 5 days1.69 MBNZB
PDFEnkele Engelstalige tijdschriften21MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 5 days964.44 MBNZB
PDFMix van Tijdschriften en kranten Engelstalig28MagazineAchJee2 weeks, 6 days2.96 GBNZB
PDFKen Forkish - The Elements of Pizza- Unlocking the Serets to World-Class Pies at Home8CookingAchJee2 weeks, 6 days132.77 MBNZB
PDFModel Engineer enkele ex Engelstalig tijdschrift10MagazineAchJee3 weeks, 11 hours525.75 MBNZB
PDFModel Railroader enkele ex Engelstalig tijdschrift19MagazineAchJee3 weeks, 12 hours161.94 MBNZB
PDFThe Absolute Sound - 2 afl Engelstalig Audio tijdschrift9MagazineAchJee3 weeks, 19 hours502.97 MBNZB
PDFComputeractive-10.04.2024.pdf21MagazineAchJee3 weeks, 20 hours40.63 MBNZB
PDFVoor Vogelaars23MagazineAchJee3 weeks, 1 day204.6 MBNZB
ePubThe Three-Body Problem - Liu, Cixin - Remembrance of Earth's Past - Alle 3 boeken in Engels8Science FictionHmoly3 weeks, 4 days3.14 MBNZB
PDFAirforces Monthly April 20246MagazineViaappia1 month, 4 days220.73 MBNZB
ePubClive Cussler & Graham Brown [Numa Files 16] - The rising sea23AdventureKatteman1 month, 1 week2.55 MBNZB
ePubLexie Elliott - How to Kill Your Best Friend10FantasyMarkovitch1 month, 1 week2.24 MBNZB
PDFCombat Aircraft april 20247MagazineViaappia1 month, 2 weeks177.25 MBNZB
PDF1Computeractive - Issue 679, 13-26 March 202432Computerberkcomie1 month, 2 weeks37.33 MBNZB
PDFLinux-formaat - april 202416Computerberkcomie1 month, 2 weeks19.51 MBNZB
ePubAdrian Edmondson: Adrian Edmondson11BiographyGrobbebol2 months, 14 hours18.66 MBNZB
ePubGregg Hurwitz - Lone Wolf (Orphan X 09) English6Crimegroeb2 months, 2 days2.58 MBNZB
PDFAirforces Monthly Maart 20246MagazineViaappia2 months, 5 days196.67 MBNZB
PDFCombat Aircraft maart 202410MagazineViaappia2 months, 2 weeks187.15 MBNZB
PDFAirforces Monthly Februari 20246MagazineViaappia3 months, 5 days184.56 MBNZB
PDFAudio Tijdschriften (jan-feb 24)49Hobbyhann3 months, 1 week1.15 GBNZB
PDF4Empire UK - January 202441Magazineberkcomie3 months, 2 weeks51.19 MBNZB
PDFEmpire - February 20247Magazineberkcomie3 months, 2 weeks53.43 MBNZB
PDF1Sky & Telescope September 20238ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks22.38 MBNZB
PDF1Astronomy Magazine July 20232ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks33.32 MBNZB
PDF2Astronomy Magazine August 2023 Special 50th anniversary issue3ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks46.75 MBNZB
PDF2Astronomy Magazine September 20233ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks34.14 MBNZB
PDF1Astronomy Magazine October 20232ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks19.49 MBNZB
PDF6Astronomy Magazine November 202339ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks19.2 MBNZB
PDFAstronomy Magazine December 20234ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks19.85 MBNZB
PDFAstronomy Magazine February 20248ScienceGrobbebol3 months, 2 weeks12.43 MBNZB
PDFCombat Aircraft Februari 20246MagazineViaappia3 months, 2 weeks180.68 MBNZB
PDFTotal Film - Issue 345, Christmas 202317Magazineberkcomie3 months, 2 weeks121.64 MBNZB
PDFTotal Film - Issue 346, January 202414Magazineberkcomie3 months, 2 weeks93.53 MBNZB
PDFRaspberry Pi For Beginners - 17th Edition 202418Magazineberkcomie3 months, 2 weeks39.06 MBNZB
ePubAdele Faber- Educational books ENG3SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks51.36 MBNZB
ePubDiana Xarissa - 3 ontbrekende boeken van de Janet serie ENG4MysterySapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.74 MBNZB
ePubDiana Xarissa - 8 books Janet Markham Bennett Cozy Series ENG6MysterySapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks2.31 MBNZB
ePubC S Forester- Hornblower series ENG5SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks8.55 MBNZB
ePubBernard Cornwell books ENG7SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks113.86 MBNZB
ePubNew eBooks Pack 147 of 202312SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks287.2 MBNZB
ePubJ M Dalgliesh - 22 ENG books4SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks8.79 MBNZB
ePubElle Gray - Sweetwater Falls Mystery Book 01-054SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks4.06 MBNZB
PDF2016 Model Engineers Workshop5MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks228.45 MBNZB
PDF2014 - Model Engineers Workshop ex6MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks239.4 MBNZB
PDF2007 2008 - Model Engineers Workshop ex5MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.02 GBNZB
ePubPatricia Cornwell books ENG14SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks104.67 MBNZB
ePub1New eBooks Pack 146 of 20238SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks366.77 MBNZB
PDFStapel oude Hout-tijdschriften ENG12MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.25 GBNZB
PDFStapeltje Engelstalige tijdschriften16MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.47 GBNZB
ePubAs Long as the Lemon Trees Grow - Zoulfa Katouh9SapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks4.36 MBNZB
PDFThe Dutch East India Company, Captivating History (2019)16HistorySapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks3.43 MBNZB
ePubThe Templars History & Myth - Michael Haag (2009)8HistorySapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.18 MBNZB
ePubJeffrey L. Pasley - The First Presidential Contest- 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy (American Presidential Election5HistorySapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks5.92 MBNZB
PDFPaar Engelstalige tijdschriften15MagazineSapperDeFlap3 months, 3 weeks1.41 GBNZB
PDFAppleMagazine - Issue 633, December 15, 2023 Repost3Magazineberkcomie3 months, 4 weeks127.7 MBNZB
PDFAppleMagazine - Nummer 634, 22 december 20234Magazineberkcomie3 months, 4 weeks140.61 MBNZB
PDFAppleMagazine - Issue 633, December 15, 20234Magazineberkcomie3 months, 4 weeks412 KBNZB