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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINMyth or Reality Mystery of the Lake CE-NL4AdventureKwiebus651 hour, 40 minutes1.4 GBNZB
WIN1Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem - Updated10ActionKnetje10 hours, 23 minutes29.35 GBNZB
WIN1Split Second Velocity11ActionKnetje10 hours, 23 minutes7.58 GBNZB
WINRed Dead Redemption 26ActionKnetje10 hours, 26 minutes132.73 GBNZB
WIN2Outcast - A New Beginning (bijgewerkt)10ActionKnetje12 hours, 15 minutes40.15 GBNZB
WIN1Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition + DLC Burning Shores hours, 16 minutes140.13 GBNZB
WIN1Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (bijgewerkt)7ActionKnetje12 hours, 17 minutes72.49 GBNZB
WINMagic City Detective (5) The Carnival Begins Collector's Edition6AdventureHoodlum13 hours, 17 minutes1.26 GBNZB
WINBrothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake3AdventureHoodlum13 hours, 20 minutes18.89 GBNZB
WiiLEGO Jurassic World(switch)verzoek1AdventureSHA14 hours, 34 minutes5.13 GBNZB
WINDying Light 2 Ultimate Edition + DLC (bijgewerkt)5ActionKnetje14 hours, 45 minutes74.58 GBNZB
WiiLego harry potter 1 TM 4(switch)verzoek0AdventureSHA14 hours, 55 minutes13.09 GBNZB
WIN1Pixel Art 67 DeLuxe - NL12PuzzleHoodlum1 day, 13 hours78.73 MBNZB
WiiPaper Mario The Thousand-Year Door (switch)3AdventureSHA1 day, 17 hours5.49 GBNZB
WiiMorbid the Lords of Ire (switch)0AdventureSHA1 day, 18 hours3.33 GBNZB
WiiMy Little Pony a Zephyr Heights Mystery(switch)0AdventureSHA1 day, 18 hours2.24 GBNZB
WIN1Regency Solitaire 2 Collector's Edition9BoardgameHoodlum2 days, 16 hours311.61 MBNZB
WIN1Art by Numbers 51 DeLuxe - NL9PuzzleHoodlum2 days, 16 hours276.82 MBNZB
WIN1Paranormal Files (11) Sacrifice to Shadows Collector's Edition21AdventureHoodlum3 days, 13 hours811.58 MBNZB
WIN1TSC ADDON 77.6b13SimulationXaNaDu3 days, 14 hours1.1 GBNZB
WIN1Zombikini Pinball (Zonder-Bikini-Pinball 18+)15SimulationHoodlum5 days, 13 hours345.21 MBNZB
WIN1Nancy Drew Mystery of The Seven Keys10AdventureHoodlum5 days, 15 hours8.62 GBNZB
WINStarL 2 NL13BoardgameKwiebus656 days, 21 hours206.8 MBNZB
WINParis Jewelry Shop NL12BoardgameKwiebus656 days, 21 hours40.27 MBNZB
WINRelaxing Time Paradise Resort Collector's Edition10AdventureHoodlum1 week, 1 day1009.49 MBNZB
WINRemy Thornfield Royal Dreams6PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 1 day293.67 MBNZB
WINClutter Puzzle Magazine Vol.16 Nr.28AdventureHoodlum1 week, 1 day680.63 MBNZB
AndroidAndroid - Week 20 2024 - GAME2Actionaudulf1 week, 1 day17.5 GBNZB
WIN1American Truck Simulator + 52 DLC's16SimulationHoodlum1 week, 2 days19.86 GBNZB
WIN1Whispered Secrets (15) Cruise of Misfortune Collector's Edition26AdventureHoodlum1 week, 3 days1.16 GBNZB
WINHidden Objects with Edgar Poe Mystery Detective - NL26AdventureHoodlum1 week, 4 days744.05 MBNZB
WIN1Mahjongus Mystery of Fortescue8PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 4 days546.35 MBNZB
WIN1Euro Truck Simulator 2 Updated Version14SimulationHoodlum1 week, 4 days25.74 GBNZB
WIN1Pop Art 11 DeLuxe - NL8PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 6 days137.24 MBNZB
WIN1The Forgotten Villages of Gondomayit 2 - Kost Karangsari v2.03ActionHoodlum2 weeks, 12 hours2 GBNZB
WIN1The Bridge Curse 2 The Extrication9AdventureHoodlum2 weeks, 1 day7.64 GBNZB
WIN3Lots of Things 2 CE-NL23AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 1 day528.88 MBNZB
WIN2Lots of Things CE-NL20AdventureKwiebus652 weeks, 1 day441.83 MBNZB
Android1Android - Week 19 2024 - GAME5Familyaudulf2 weeks, 2 days27.33 GBNZB
WIN2Amanda's Magic Book 9 The Riftwalkers9PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days240.53 MBNZB
WIN1Art Coloring 33 DeLuxe - NL6PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days239.56 MBNZB
WIN1Da Vinci's Secret DeLuxe - NL9PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days21.8 MBNZB
WIN1Luxor 5th Passage HD DeLuxe - NL5PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 2 days79.74 MBNZB
WIN1Assassins Creed17Actionglorieus2 weeks, 2 days8.37 MBNZB
WIN1Ark Survival Evolved7Adventureglorieus2 weeks, 2 days121.47 GBNZB
WIN1Just Find It 4 Collector's Edition15AdventureHoodlum2 weeks, 4 days1.94 GBNZB
WIN1City Legends (4) The Witness in The Rye Collector's Edition26AdventureHoodlum2 weeks, 4 days1.12 GBNZB
WIN1FishJong Triple Splash!9PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 4 days297.78 MBNZB
WIN1Clear It Eureka! - NL14PuzzleHoodlum2 weeks, 4 days450.19 MBNZB
WIN1Gothic Fiction Dark Saga Collector's Edition - NL23AdventureHoodlum2 weeks, 5 days953.11 MBNZB
MACPathfinder Kingmaker + DLC1RoleplayingMCTazMan2 weeks, 6 days30.96 GBNZB
WINResurrection New Mexico Collector's Edition16AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 14 hours627.31 MBNZB
WIN10x Hidden Object Games Met NL Zoekwoorden28AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 14 hours2.9 GBNZB
WINEscape From Mystwood Mansion15AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 15 hours1.68 GBNZB
MACDivinity Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition2RoleplayingMCTazMan3 weeks, 22 hours22.71 GBNZB
Android1Android - Week 18 2024 - GAME5Simulationaudulf3 weeks, 1 day24.1 GBNZB
MACThe Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe MacOS1MCTazMan3 weeks, 1 day4.47 GBNZB
WINAround the World 3 Amazing Countries Collector's Edition12AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 1 day1.18 GBNZB
WIN1Mysteries Mix Echoes Between Worlds5PuzzleHoodlum3 weeks, 1 day230.34 MBNZB
WINAnno 1404 History Edition SBM Updated to v3.0.1.09StrategyHoodlum3 weeks, 1 day4.1 GBNZB
WINWomanizer (18+ Edition)7SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 1 day1022.96 MBNZB
WIN1[Adult Games 18+] NaughtyNeighbours16RoleplayingXaNaDu3 weeks, 3 days1.68 GBNZB
WIN1Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 16 Collector's Edition12AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days700.94 MBNZB
WIN1Let's Travel (3) Welcome to Mexico6PuzzleHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days265.47 MBNZB
WIN1Match Marbles 6 DeLuxe - NL14PuzzleHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days200.16 MBNZB
WIN1Stronghold Definitive Edition - Valley of The Wolf (eLAmigos)4StrategyHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days4.92 GBNZB
WIN1MotoGP 248SimulationHoodlum3 weeks, 3 days15.05 GBNZB
WIN1«Railworks: Train Simulator™ Classic - An Almost Ultimate Edition 2.0» RePack part 315SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 3 days60.5 GBNZB
WIN1«Railworks: Train Simulator™ Classic - An Almost Ultimate Edition 2.0» RePack part 29SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 3 days60.5 GBNZB
WIN1«Railworks: Train Simulator™ Classic - An Almost Ultimate Edition 2.0» RePack part 518SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 3 days8.63 GBNZB
WIN1«Railworks: Train Simulator™ Classic - An Almost Ultimate Edition 2.0» RePack part 48SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 3 days57.32 GBNZB
WIN1«Railworks: Train Simulator™ Classic - An Almost Ultimate Edition 2.0» RePack33SimulationMicrosGteam3 weeks, 3 days60.5 GBNZB
WIN1Dark Parables (12) The Thief and The Tinderbox Collector's Edition19AdventureHoodlum3 weeks, 4 days1.27 GBNZB
WIN1Stronghold Definitive Edition - Valley of The Wolf5StrategyHoodlum3 weeks, 4 days2.67 GBNZB
WIN1Unsolved Case Above the Law CE-NL (repost)43ActionKwiebus653 weeks, 4 days1.01 GBNZB
WIN1Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 CE-NL27BoardgameKwiebus653 weeks, 5 days688.24 MBNZB
WIN1Rescue Team Clouded Mind Collector's Edition10ActionHoodlum3 weeks, 6 days1019.87 MBNZB
WIN1Malachite Temple of The Sun Collector's Edition9ActionHoodlum4 weeks, 12 hours378.19 MBNZB
WIN2Jack Holmes - Master of Puppets9ActionHoodlum4 weeks, 15 hours50.06 GBNZB
WIN2Jigsaw Puzzle (3) Lovers Fantasy10PuzzleHoodlum4 weeks, 1 day349.48 MBNZB
WIN2Elven Rivers 5 The Undersea Collector's Edition13PuzzleHoodlum4 weeks, 1 day341.65 MBNZB
AndroidAndroid - Week 17 2024 - GAME1Adventureaudulf4 weeks, 1 day20.45 GBNZB
WIN1Dark City (9) Amsterdam Collector's Edition27AdventureHoodlum1 month, 1 day2.28 GBNZB
WIN1Legacy Witch Island 4 Last Bastion Collector's Edition25AdventureHoodlum1 month, 2 days1.26 GBNZB
WIN1Enigma Agency The Case of Shadows CE NL49AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 days1.14 GBNZB
WINJewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 Collector's Edition - NL12BoardgameHoodlum1 month, 4 days695.06 MBNZB
WINModern Art 48 DeLuxe - NL4PuzzleHoodlum1 month, 4 days211.13 MBNZB
WIN1Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 NL19CardsKwiebus651 month, 5 days159.84 MBNZB
WIN1Laruaville 14 NL16BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 5 days124.74 MBNZB
WINAngkor 3 Celebrations NL15BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 5 days86.59 MBNZB
WINAngkor 2 Runefall12BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 5 days103.8 MBNZB
AndroidAndroid - Week 16 2024 - GAME2Platformaudulf1 month, 5 days25.93 GBNZB
WIN1Destination Paradise Collector's Edition12AdventureHoodlum1 month, 6 days692.25 MBNZB
WIN1Hidden Objects The Mystery House12AdventureHoodlum1 month, 6 days111.09 MBNZB
WIN1Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure12Adventureglorieus1 month, 6 days4.61 GBNZB
WIN1Open Transport Tycoon (incl. alle custom maps 01-04-2024)13StrategyWololoo1 month, 1 week5.38 GBNZB
WIN1Match Marbles 8 DeLuxe - NL14PuzzleHoodlum1 month, 1 week240.28 MBNZB
WIN1The Sims 4 Update + DLC13SimulationHoodlum1 month, 1 week453.33 MBNZB
WIN1Surprise pakketje voor TS18SimulationMicrosGteam1 month, 1 week26.35 GBNZB
WINIt Happened Here (3) A Storm is Brewing Collector's Edition22AdventureHoodlum1 month, 1 week903.32 MBNZB